Analog I/O Gateway

  • 8 Channel-AIO
  • 16 bit resolution
  • Software selectable input & output ranges
  • I/O protected against direct short to supply
  • TCP/IP protocol
  • 18 to 36 VDC operation
  • Industrial grade 00C~700C
  • TS-35 compatible DIN rail mount enclosure
Analog Input
Channels  8
Resolution  16 bit
Input Range  Input range +/- 10V (S/W selectable +/-5V, +/- 10V)
Sampling Speed  25ksps per channel. Simulataneous sampling
Input Impedance  Minimum 100k ohm
Input Common Mode  Input common mode range +/-25V
Analog Output
Channels  8 
Resolution  16 bit
Output Range  Output range +/- 10V (S/W selectable +/-2.5V, +/-5V, +/-10V)
Output Current  +/-5mA max
Settling Time d  <= 200 µs
Interface  10/100Mbps auto-negotiated. RJ-45 interface
Isolation  1kV minimum isolation barrier
Protocol c  TCP/IP
 Port, IP configurable
 Open data exchange protocol
Power Input  18-36VDC <= 500mA
Protection b  Reverse polarity protection
 Over and Under voltage protection
 Inputs protected against direct short to +/-36V
 Inputs protected against signal input while powered off 
 (with ground connected) 
 Outputs protected against direct short to ground and direct 
 short to supply
Temperature Range  00C to 700C
Connections c  PHOENIX MKDS3 compatible

a) Product image is for illustrative purpose only. Actual product may differ.
b) Operating the circuit continuously in any of the protection modes mentioned above will adversely affect circuit reliability and accuracy.
    Short duration (<=100 mSecond) operation under conditions mentioned in protections are acceptable provided they are not repetitive.
c) Virtuit can customize products to customer requirements.
d) Specified for load >= 2k ohm load, <= 100pF capacitance, 5ksps.